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writing reviews on one annotated bibliography and one learning object published by colleagues

Processos Pedagógicos em Elearning
Unit 3: Act 3 - Review of AB & LO

Review on one Learning Object 

Manuel Pimentel presents this Learning Object

I appreciated this LO message, which is clear and well structured.
However the use of the tool Go-Animate seems to put some issues regarding the speed of the speech balloons, sometimes it is hard to read the text. On the other hand I think the number of words that appear in balloons should  be shorter, it would be easier to read.
Another characteristic that I don't appreciate in the tool Go-Animate is the background music, that I believe can distract the reader of the text.
Manuel, congratulations for your good presentation, I really feel that we can learn about transparency in online education from your LO.

Review on one Annotated Bibliography

On unit 1, I chose Ana Marmeleira’s Annotated Bibliography because Ana's work completes my work.
On unit 2, I choose again her AB. If we join the Ana's AB to my AB, as they have different content and style we can achieve a better AB.
On unit 3, I've been waiting for colleagues who have not yet published their AB. However I feel that I should not delay more, so I will review again Ana Marmeleira AB.

Ana AB included four relevant resources and some personal reflections. Has two references that I does not refer in my annotated bibliography and that I think are very interesting:

Para uma Pedagogia do eLearning: o ‘contrato’ como instrumento mediador da aprendizagem, by Lina Morgado; Alda Pereira; Luísa Lebres Aires; António Quintas Mendes (Centro de Estudos em Educação & Inovação – Universidade Aberta) 
Transparency in online courses can be achieved by an important tool that all of us know well by now – the learning contract. In this article we can find an explanation of how the learning contracts are used in Universidade Aberta as well as its importance to make online learning more transparent.

Moving a Large Course Online: Psychology, posted by Robert Griffiths, shared by Ellen Furlong and Melissa Beers from the Psychology Department of the Ohio State University
"We would encourage instructors interested in teaching online to pay special attention to making structure transparent to students when converting a classroom-based course into an online format." It’s a good example of the importance of transparency in online courses.

Suggestions for improvement. Ana show us a traditional Annotated Bibliography, World Wide Web allow us to create documents containing pictures and videos, so I suggest that Ana include some of these items in her AB. She can also consider to embed some of the good Learning Objects created by our MPeL3 colleagues.

More reviews that involves possible judgement of the works made and that I consider as private matter will be send, in Portuguese language, to the colleagues by private email.

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