domingo, 16 de maio de 2010

Transparency in Online Education - Learning Object

Processos Pedagógicos em Elearning
Unit 3: Act 2 - Learning Object

In this little story I tried to illustrate the theme "Transparency in Online Education". I tried to use a wide variety of scenarios to communicate that diversity is also important in elearning and that transparency can and should be global.
I also wanted to show the transition of an enclosed school in which most of us learned to open and transparent environment promoted by web 2.0.
I wanted to use tools that are not yet used by other colleagues (As more tools we learn... better for all).
I used Camtasia to make the movie and the for the animated toons.
I felt lot of difficulties due the speed and duration of the toons dialogues.
This object still needs some revisions mainly on the English issues, but also in the script and in the transitions between scenes.

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Paula disse...

An amazing piece of work!
I had a lot of fun watching it!


Joaquim Costa Pinto (Tigre da Estrela) disse...

Olá Pedro tiveste bem.
Gosto do polvo...

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