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writing reviews on one annotated bibliography and one learning object published by colleagues

Processos Pedagógicos em Elearning
Unit 1: Act 3 - Review of AB & LO

Review of a Learnig Object
Maria João has a "prezi" on the theory of cooperative freedom, its presentation is clear and concise.
It was with Maria João that I discovered the existence of the "prezi" and has to realize that this is a new way to communicate. One advantage of this tool is the ability to re-use and sharing this eLearning material, which makes it a true LO.
My "issuu" although it can be shared and absorbed and then reused in various learning environments cannot be reissued :( so I will make available the slides on this blog that prompted it.

Review of a Annotated Bibliography
Ana Marmeleira presents a variety of annotated bibliography that goes from the Professor Morten Paulsen articles, passes through a blog which I intend to read all the post and ends in an article in Portuguese which I also recommend the reading.

1. The Hexagon Of Cooperative Freedom: A Distance Education Theory Attuned to Computer Conferencing (professor Morten Flate Paulsen)
Any bibliography about cooperative freedom has to include the article writen by its author, professor Morten Paulsen. students...

2. An interview with professor Morten Paulsen (Michael F. Shaughnessy Senior Columnist EducationNews.org)
This is an excellent reading for all of those who want to understand what cooperative learning is because it’s an interview with professor Morten Paulsen...

3. Collaborative versus cooperative learning: a comparison of the two concepts which will help us understand the underlying nature of interactive learning (Ted Panitz)
This is an important article to establish the difference between two concepts that are frequently confused: collaborative and cooperative learning...

4. The search for learning community in learner paced distance education: Or, 'Having your cake and eating it, too!'
(Terry Anderson, David Annand and Norine Wark)
This report examines the challenges and opportunities for peer communication, support, and cooperation in online courses without losing the learner paced characteristics...
5. Having your Cake and eating it Too – Part Two (Terry Anderson)
Based on the Theory of Cooperative Freedom, this blog article continues the bibliography mentioned above...

6. Supporting Peer Help and Collaboration in Distributed Workplace Environments (J. Greer, G. McCalla, J. Collins, V. Kumar, P. Meagher, J. Vassileva)
I consider this article a very interesting reading because it isn’t a theoretical document. It presents a practical application of the cooperative learning...

7. Relatório do Estado da Arte: Qualidade do E-Learning para PMEs Europeias: Uma Análise de Experiências de E-Learning em Pequenas e Médias Empresas (Edited by CECOA – Centro de Formação Profissional para o Comércio e Afins)
Like the previous bibliography reference, this document is a practical example of the use of elearning. The "Report on the State of the Art: Quality e-Learning for European SMEs - An Analysis of Experiences in E-learning in Small and Medium Business"... 
More reviews that involves possible judgement of the works made and that I consider as private matter will be send, in Portuguese language, to the colleagues by private email. 

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