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writing reviews on one annotated bibliography and one learning object published by colleagues

Processos Pedagógicos em Elearning
Unit 2: Act 3 - Review of AB & LO

Review of a Learning Object
Emanuel Teixeira presents this Learning Object
On his Blog

As you see this object is attractive, clear and concise. I really enjoy this Emanuel's LO. And
 I am very pleased to know that this tool have also Portuguese voice.

Review of a Annotated Bibliography

On unit1 I chose Ana Marmeleira’s Annotated Bibliography because Ana's work completes my work.

Now, in unit2, I choose again her AB. If we join the Ana's AB to my AB, as they have different content and style we can achieve a better AB.

1) How to manage your Online Teacher workload (Kate Butler)
This article focuses on time and information management, on course design and activity types, and on technical issues.

2) Manual Web 2.0 para professores (org. Ana Amélia Carvalho)
This Guide Web 2.0 for teachers is for all those who want to learn to use the Web in elearning

3) Interview to Stewart Mader – Wiki in Education (Debora Batello)
This interview takes us back to the book Wiki in Education (see the book) which presents reports made by U.S. professors who used wiki with their students.

4) Is There a Space for the Teacher in a WIKI? (Andreas Lund; Ole Smørdal)
It analyzes functions and meta level affordances found in the MediaWiki application and presents a case in which the MediaWiki was used by a class of Upper Secondary School learners in Norway.

5) Wikis in Plain English (commoncraft)
In a playful manner, this video gives a full introduction to wikis: what they are, what’s their use and how to use them. It’s based on a fictional situation in which a group of friends need to prepare a camping trip. A Wiki is the best tool for them.

6) Student-Centred Collaborative Learning Via Face-To-Face and Asynchronous Online Communication: What’s the Difference? (Ainslie Ellis)
We can read about the advantages and disadvantages of the online forum.

7) Teaching with Online Discussion Forums (Mark Fullmer)

More reviews that involves possible judgement of the works made and that I consider as private matter will be send, in Portuguese language, to the colleagues by private email.

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